AA Atheist, We Agnostics and Free Thinkers SKYPE Conference Call Meeting

Tuesdays at 7 P.M. Pacific Coast Time.
Saturdays at Noon Pacific Cost Time.

This meeting is sometimes affected by Daylight Savings Time

This is intended to help people find an atheist/agnostic/free thinkers aa meeting in (voice only) skype.
The meeting is only meant for those with a desire NOT to drink.

To attend you will need skype software (available online to download for free) and a skype ID.
While logged into skype, add "aafreethinker" to your contacts.
Once "aafreethinker" has you as a contact, then if you are logged into skype at the meeting time, you should receive a "conference call" from aafreethinker.
It is a voice-only call.
Please keep your microphone muted at all times except when you wish the group to be able to hear you.
The conference call does display each callers photo from their profile (if they have one) and typically you can see the photo of a person who is speaking "light up."

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